Say Something

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” - Plato

In the time that it takes you to read ’five hundred thousand tweets’ another 500,000 tweets have been added to the pile of content generated everyday around the world. Add 4 million hours of Youtube videos, 67 million instagram posts and more than 4.3 billion facebook posts daily…and more…

It’s clear to the see that everybody is talking. 

How much are we really saying?

Years ago I got my start in social media through blogging. I’d write about marketing, and sometimes other people found those musings useful. 

It began as a creative outlet, but over time the blogging became more about creating content for search engines. And the headlines turned into click bait to get more views from Facebook or LinkedIn. I gradually started to produce ‘me too content’. 

“Five ways to super charge your marketing”

For a while it worked. I’d get more traffic and more likes. I was executing the SEO playbook. Feeding the Google machine.

But then I stopped. I realized that writing like this may have been good for search engines, but was it really adding value to the world? Or was it just adding to the clutter?

Gerry McGovern recently said, “Digital is like sugar: it’s so sweet and irresistible, so easy to create, so easy to store, so easy to ignore. So cheap. So everywhere. Digital is the ultimate ‘just do it’ mantra. Think of all that useless content that organizations create.”

The next time you are sitting down to create social media or website content, ask yourself: “Are you really saying something that’s worth saying?” 

If you are unsure, write your blog title and then Google it. How many results did you find?

What can you add to the mix that’s original? 

I guarantee nobody is sitting around waiting to read another piece of ‘me too’ content. 

Say something, but make it count.